Best of Class Technology

We strive to be one of the most technologically advanced brokerage general agencies, with the staff to back you up whenever needed.  Let us help you stay informed regarding current industry news, product developments and underwriting updates by joining our mailing group, following us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

With our updated systems you can run a quote, get appointed, submit an application, track case status and get paid, all online and at your convenience.  Our staff is always happy to assist you with any (or every) step of the process.

Our commission accounting system will eliminate the potential problem of ERA checks getting lost.  At your discretion, we will deposit money due to you from the agency within 24 hours of its receipt at owR, directly into your bank account.  For more information on owR's direct ERA deposit or to get set up on this system now, email Timothy Lawler: .

While you can always call one of our case managers for assistance, in an effort to bring you the benefits of the latest available technology, we can now accept your applications 24/7 through iGo e-app. Currently eleven of our top carriers accept applications through iGO e-app.  This electronic application process allows you to sell more and get paid faster.  For more information contact Beth Frost: .

We also have a new electronic licensing system: Sure LC.  This new system expedites the appointment process.  All you have to do is complete the Sure LC paperwork once and we can contract you with virtually any carrier in the future with little or no additional paperwork, saving you time and allowing us to get your new business processed faster.  To download the paperwork click here or contact Stacey Lawler:  for details.